Sexton Construction Coastal LLC

Who We Are

Sexton Construction Coastal is a continuation of the Sexton family name.

Originating in Virginia in the 1950's, then spreading throughout Tennessee and the Carolinas.

The Sexton name is highly respected in the world of construction. We are a family company grounded in hard work, integrity and trust. These are the values that are integral in all that we do. Allowing us to achieve our client's goals as well as our own.

Our Process


Weekly on site progress meetings streamline the construction process.

Which will keep app parties thoroughly informed and involved. Ongoing communications is the cornerstone of Sexton's philosophy and essential to a successful projected.

Cost Control Accounting

Detailed job cost reports and Sexton's "open book accounting" provide complete transparency for all job costs. In the end demystifying project accounting.

Value Engineering

Progressively detailed budgets are prepared to ensure that anticipated project costs meet clients' expectations. Providing cost information for alternative building materials and systems. To reduce project costs is part of Sexton's services to help maintain a project's budget.


To ensure timely completion of projects. Sexton coordinates with the client, design team, key subcontractors, and suppliers. Streamlining the construction process using the latest in scheduling software. All information is distributed to project participants and updated regularly throughout a projects duration.

Design - Build

Sexton participates with planners and architects to provide design/build services for the construction of buildings and site development features. Services include budgeting, cost analysis, subcontractor trade selection, pricing, value engineering, and construction management.